Nick Perez

Getting to know Nick P.:

We recently sat down with Nick Perez, who is all things IT here at Northern Swag, and not just because he’s Asian, (coincidentally he’s good at math and ping pong too), so you could get to know him better.  Wait, is there more to know of a person besides ping-pong skills?  Perhaps not, but keep reading anyway.

So Nick, how did you first get introduced to Northern Michigan?

“I was adopted from South Korea when I was five.  Or at least that’s the story I’ve been told.  Truth be known, I’ve seen that Kim Jong Il on TV, you know, and I have suspicions I am his kidnapped nephew.  You’ve read about Kim Jong Un right? Yeah, besides the height difference we have a lot of similarities (dictatorship not being one of them, being named sexiest man alive by The Onion…definitely). Who knows?  Maybe one day I’ll be reunited with them.”

Ok then.  Northern Swag is not only about the places our area has to offer, but the style of its people.  How would you describe yours and how it fits into life in Northern Michigan?

“Simple and clean,” Nick responded while sporting one of his 20 pairs of Umbro shorts and reminiscing about the 1990s.  “I like solid colors and I was pretty much da bomb when I wore Umbros in the 1990s, so why give up a good thing, right?”

What are some of your favorite activities in the area?

“In the summer I spend as much time as I can on a boat or at the beach.  In the fall I love visiting orchards and eating pumpkin donuts and drinking apple cider. In the winter I like taking my dogs out on the trails.  Oh and sitting inside in my Umbros.”

Tell us a random story about you and Northern Michigan.

“I once did push-ups with Isaiah Thomas in Traverse City. I guess he flew in just for that.  Kind of weird in hindsight.”

This has been really insightful.  In closing, how do you want to see your persona as a Northern Swag contributor developed?

“My what?”


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