• Great photos Nate! You definitely captured one side of Escanaba.

    Next time you’re in town (only if you’re up for it, of course) I’d recommend checking out some of the historic houses along Lakeshore Drive (and also in a few blocks from the water), the beach/lighthouse/harbor vibe, and the historic downtown.

    Like most of the U.P., Escanaba has some pretty cool buildings leftover from days gone by.

    Again, nice shots. It’s terrific to see you guys featuring the Upper Peninsula!

    October 18, 2012
    • Nate

      Hello Jesse thanks for your kind words and for having a look at the photos. This time through the city I only had a couple hours so I just wandered to the industrial area where the light was being interesting. I actually have family ties up there and would love to explore it more. Apparently my great grandpa’s horses pulled the stumps for the main street in Escanaba back in the day. I’ll bet the homes and the other parts of the city you speak of are fantastic- a lot of UP towns seem to have had an opulent heyday.

      October 23, 2012
    • You’re welcome Nate! And I hear ya. The first time I went to Copper Harbor I thought I could “see everything” in a day. I’ve been back there three or four times now and still have A-LOT to do. And that’s just tiny little Copper Harbor.

      Super cool about your grandpa’s horses! That’s awesome.

      There’s was much opulence up here, indeed. Calumet is interesting because it has a really affluent history but the buildings are either now in shambles or recently gentrified. There wasn’t a need to build newer buildings because the population dropped so fast, so much of it is still standing.

      Iron Mountain and Escanaba have torn down and rebuilt where many of the cool buildings were, but still have a handful. Marquette has a bunch.

      Thanks for the response, and keep up the great work!

      October 24, 2012

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